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Mortal Kombat X: The Character Guide

Kano's fatality is truly a easy one, exactly where he uses his eye laser to always be able to sear through his opponent's skull.


Kotal Kahn

Contrary as to the his name seemed in order to suggest upon his reveal, Kotal Kahn will be not a relative of Shao Kahn. Rather this newcomer to the series would become a general below Shao Kahn's command. Kotal Kahn is actually in the Osh-Tekk race and also served Mileena following your death involving Shao Kahn. after Mileena had been deposed, he seized energy with regard to himself, developing a civil war within Outworld.


Mournful - Getting about the weapon of the girl (presumably) fallen friend Jade, Kitana now fights with a lengthy staff rather than her trademark fans. she in addition use Jade's style involving wielding it.



Brood Mother - As any Brood Mother, D'Vorah gains a opportunity to contact one of your ex insect minions forth in order to stun her opponents.

Ronin - Much More akin to become able to his real father, Takashi gains dual plasma swords in which grant him effective near combat options, but also includes a beam projectile option.

Erron Black

Erron Black can be one of the couple of new characters for you to Mortal Kombat X which is certainly not associated for you to anyone. Because the first for that series, he is the gunslinger.


Marksman - This spec focuses virtually completely upon ranged combat allowing for Black to fight via afar using fantastic accuracy. To End Up Being Able To keep his distance, in addition, it enables for any quick backpedal transfer in which deals damage as he retreats.

Royal Storm - Befitting a new princess, Kitana is truly as graceful as your woman is deadly along with your ex blade fans. This particular variation enables additional range together with your ex fan blast, the wave attack associated with blades as well as the capability to reflect blows.

Commando - Kano's cybernetic eye represents any yellow glow rather than red and he then gains the chance to counter each high along with reduced attacks.

Spectral - Since any spectre, Ermac gains a likelihood to fly across the screen, giving him unparalleled mobility. However, as being a trade off regarding this advantage, Ermac can be extremely susceptible to damage.


Johnny Cage

Variations for Jacqueline Briggs are usually unknown



Kotal Kahn's fatalities are even now unknown.

Vicious - in this variation, Ferra becomes a human weapon pertaining to Torr for you to use. Torr may toss Ferra with opponents and when to end up being together with her own, your woman will be able to use her own grab.


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Brawler - along with all the add-on of the new green glow for you to the girl hands, Cassie emerges a special takedown move exactly where she can tackle your ex opponent and also punch them. she will also be in the position to use arm breaker and also air toss unique moves.

One fatality features Ermac twisting and manipulating your body involving his opponent into a series of grotesque forms.

Kung Lao

Although any self-titled pacifist, Kung Lao has been tossing hats and also using names since Mortal Kombat II.

Scorpion shoots a ball associated with fire through the center of his opponent, permitting one's heart drop in to view. While your opponent falls to their knees, Scorpion slices vertically via their particular skull, allowing his or her face fall away as they drop.

Bo Rai Cho


Kung Jin

New to the series, Kung Jin is the descendant with the series veteran Kung Lao. He serves around the team regarding descendants lead through Cassie Cage, however wears more traditional Chinese clothes against Spec-Ops garb because he is, just like his father, a Shaolin monk.

Nimble -Reptile's speed will be raises and his hits have the ability to stun as well as slow his opponents.

Another fatality features him ripping off your head associated with his opponent telekinetically, lifting it inside the air then shoving it back again within their physique through your neck hole all the means down within their belly. He then rips it out telekinetically once more leaving any trail associated with intestines and a floating head.


Erron Black shoves any grenade into the entire body associated with his opponent along with detonates it, sending shards involving fine sand all through at substantial velocity.


Flame Fist - Liu Kang gains bright, flaming fists that can shoot fireballs also as do a unique bicycle punch move.




Ethereal - Mileena gets to end up being able to be like a ghost, capable of teleport more often and also lengthier distances. This enables your ex to each create and escape form attacks using ease.

Mortal Kombat X - PlayStation 4


Mileena jams here a pair of Sai directly into an opponent, removes their particular head after which used here fangs in order to munch the woman's opponents deal with off. Nom, Nom.

Ninjutsu - Players by utilizing this spec will most likely be in any situation to utilize Scorpion in all his ninja glory. That adds new combos utilizing his dual swords too as better manage and also further use of his classic "Get over Here" kunai.

Quan Chi

As a new frequently appearing main villain in the series, Quan Chi is among the most effective sorcerers and also necromancers throughout Netherrealm. By Means Of his brute strength and also mystical powers, he's capable of constantly gas his plots to take more than not merely Earthrealm, however just about all of reality. Unfortunately, his manipulative along with deceptive naturel features produced him enemies together with good as well as evil fighters alike.

Takashi Takeda's fatalities tend to be nevertheless unknown.

Lackey - This particular variation permits Torr to fight most in his or perhaps the girl own while Ferra will be around the sidelines. Together With no companion on his back, Torr is actually able to engage within far more aggressive and also deadly near combat.

DLC Characters

These characters is likely to be available at a later on date following the game's release by means of Kombat DLC Packs. They Will will probably be extra as released.

Lui Kang's fatalities are usually nevertheless unknown.


Raiden is the god of thunder and furthermore the guardian associated with Earthrealm. He commands a huge host involving supernatural abilities and has always been any source of guidance for fighters around the force of good. As it stands now, he's additionally the only character to seem in every single Mortal Kombat game.








A staple inside the Mortal Kombat series, Ermac is a red-clad ninja that are generally experts in making use of his telekinesis during his fights.

Buzzsaw - Such As your title suggests, Kung Lao's trademark hat now resembles the saw blade. The Particular player will now have got much better control of the hat itself. Its speed may be adjusted and also the hat will probably be able to be steered while inside motion.


Thunder God - Even though within Thunder God, Raiden may fire numerous electric blast, this spec is more regarding flashy combos and also near quarters combat.

Sonya Blade

Noxious - Reptile puts off a new noxious fuel cloud around his physique or even on a specific places of the battlefield which damages opponents which touch it.



As the character present in the series since the initial games, it seemed only fitted that will Kano has been one of the initial confirmed characters for Mortal Kombat X. He is truly a mercenary and in addition the leader with the international Black Dragon crime cartel, renowned pertaining to his aggression and his cunning.

Fatalities for Ferra and also Torr are usually unknown.

Jason Voorhees

Ancestral - This variation is actually about Kung Jin's bow. Not Really simply can he carry out charged arrow attacks that will do long range damage and also stuns, however he may carry out more moves along with combos although within the air.

Sub-Zero freezes the actual mid-section associated with his opponent then breaks it open to reveal his or her spine. He then breaks your spine along using his hands and also lifts both halves associated with his enemy.

Cassie Cage

Cassie Cage is actually new to the Mortal Kombat series together with small recognized of your ex past apart from she is the daughter associated with Johnny Cage along with Sonya Blade. Your Woman leads the team regarding characters, mostly constructed with the descendants involving additional Earthrealm fighters, via Outworld pertaining to unidentified reasons.

Storm Lord - Raiden is actually given the ability to put lightning orbs around the screen as well as after activating them using a lightning strike, the orbs can stun any kind of opponent that touches them. It is really a great spec pertaining to herding opponents to always be able to exactly where you would like them.


Sorcerer -Along with his new blue eye and also tattoo glow, the particular sorcerer Quan Chi gains a chance to cast spell circles on the ground that either can provide him buffs or perhaps weaken opponents.

Shaolin - gaining the utilization of the chakram (a circular blade), Kung Jin gains the capacity to create use of new combos with it as well as throw it like a projectile. the chakram could also be employed as a boomerang to become able to attack enemies coming from behind.

Kung Lao throws his hat to ensure that it is stuck within the ground but nevertheless spinning. after tripping his opponent he then gives all of them a swift kick inside the again associated with their particular head, that they fall about the hat and also split their confront open.

True to be able to his trademark move, Reptile's fatality features him spraying his venomous and also abrasive spit by making use of an opponent, melting their particular deal with off.

Dualist - Liu Kang switches among light as well as dark variations on this spec, each along with every using distinctive combos and also special powers.

Hollywood - Via this style, Cassie dons a new set of shades not really unlike the girl movie star father, Johnny Cage. The Girl gains your capability to execute the double gun attack mid-air and may use a nut-cracker to stun opponents.


Cut-Throat - Kano takes on the green colour for you to his eye that will gives him access to various attacks along with combos utilizing his traditional weapon associated with butterfly knives.




D'Vorah is truly a half-human, half-insect fighter beneath the particular allegiance of Kotal Kahn, the ruler associated with Outworld.

Grandmaster - By Means Of the employment of your potent medallion, Grandmaster Sub-Zero is actually capable of use icicle projectiles also as generate ice clones regarding himself.

Gunslinger - In addition to the usual melee moves, Black may quick draw his revolvers to accomplish ranged attacks in addition to the performance of trick shots to end up being able to fire projectiles throughout odd directions to mistake opponents.

Shirai Ryu - Such As this type suggests, Takashi uses Scorpion-inspired whip moves for you to throw his enemies around also as utilizes a number of teleport alternatives such as a simple as well as air teleport.

Ferra and also Torr

Torr can be a giant ogre creature whom carries Ferra on his back. This kind of odd couple are usually new to the Mortal Kombat universe, generating their particular game debut inside Mortal Kombat X.

Sub-Zero throws his opponent on any bed associated with ice spikes then stomps his or her body to drive the actual ice deeper.

War God - Because any War God, Kotal Kahn gains access for the use of his large spiked club more frequently which allows pertaining to a few close range and brutal fighting.



Cybernetic - Kano retains his classic red colored eyes and is enabled to use his eye for long range laser attacks along with throw grenades. He in addition gains use of extended combos to juggle opponents.

Swarm Queen - As the Swarm Queen, D'Vorah is consistently adopted by a swarm of wasps around her body. The Girl are able to always be able to use these phones lift your ex opponents up with a tornado or perhaps summon bug bombs that will explode when touched.



Bojitsu - Bojitsu focuses less around the arrow firing function of the bow and much more on its be the deadly staff. Via this option, Kung Jin receives a number of combo starters that enable him to begin extended combos through his staff. Rather associated with arrows, his bow now additionally just shoots out fireballs, however will be or else the near combat spec.


Venomous -Through the particular secretion associated with toxin coming from her body, D'Vorah's attacks turn out to be poisonous. This enables the woman's to chip the existence span away regarding the woman's opponents even whilst defending.

Spec-Ops - Donning a particular ops uniform certainly not unlike your ex mother, Cassie is now in a position to contact throughout airstrikes on the field too as contact laser guided missiles from the sky. The Girl may also gain use of The Actual American Approach taunt.


Loyal, unambitious and also physically hideous, Reptile is a humanoid reptilian creature which is renowned pertaining to his stealth. His 1 goal in life is to discover the last remaining members of his race as well as restore Zaterra in order to its former glory, freeing it from your grasp involving Outworld. This specific goal is really consuming he could be prone to fits of insanity more than it. He had been first introduced within the first Mortal Kombat game as a hidden character, the initial actually secret character inside a versus fighting game.


Displacer - This specific design focuses read a lot more about closing along with making gaps in between Raiden as well as the opponent through the employment regarding teleportation. the teleportation can even become accustomed to initiate quick combo attacks.

Unbreakable - Sub-Zero's mask gets strong ice and also within the Unbreakable design he could be in any situation to produce walls associated with ice for you to protect himself as well as ice armor to minimize any kind of bleeds or chip damage.


Scorpion is actually a series normal since his debut within the initial Mortal Kombat game. He can always be a skilled ninja as well as fighter, yet an undead spectre which seeks revenge about Sub-Zero for the death of his clan and himself.

Is your current curiosity piqued? Be Any Portion Of the frey.

Warlock - Since warlock, Quan Chi's gains a new lovely set of green skeletal hands which spring from his back again along with allows him in order to summon multiple portals which Quan Chi are in any position for you to use in order to zip round the battlefield much more effectively.




Hat Trick - Your dragon symbols about Kung Lao's uniform commence to glow, giving him the hack sky tv card actual capability to avoid his hat in mid-air, essentially reducing off as portion in the fighting field with regard to his opponent.

Cryomancer - Sub-Zero gains a blue skin tone and it is in any situation to generate daggers, hammers as well as swords via ice in order to crush his opponents.

Liu Kang

Although technically dying along the way, Liu Kang takes the stage again because he provides inside many games in the franchise since the initial one. He will be cousin for you to Kung Lao and has typically been the fighter around the aspect associated with good, yet his alliances inside this game remain uncertain.

Goro (He will probably be obtainable on day one for those who pre-order Mortal kombat X, yet will be paid out DLC later on pertaining to those who don't)

Note: This specific checklist is a work-in-progress and it is incomplete until the game officially launches on April 14th, 2015. The Actual set of characters can be gathered from a group of announcements, leaks as well as straight up blunders upon console stores. Rumored characters is likely to be added as soon as confirmed by means of official resources as well as DLC characters similar to Predator, Jason Voorhees and the pre-order/DLC Goro will possibly be added later on once they tend to be released.

Ruthless - Ferra and also Torr cost in to battle with each other using Torr wearing any white bloodstained mask. Ferra will be capable of stab Torr in the back to be able to spur him on and also adding an enhancement in order to his damage as a new swap for any portion associated with health.

Inferno - Inferno enables Scorpion to be able to toss a hellish spear also as the capability to summon demonic minions to stun, damage or even bind enemies.


A series favorite, Kitana makes her return throughout Mortal Kombat X together with the woman's signature dual blade fans along with adds Jade's staff in order to the woman's arsenal. Princess Kitana is actually around 10,000 a lengthy time old, but considered very youthful in her realm of Edenia.

Lasher - The Actual Lasher is a range-heavy spec which features effective ranged whip attacks, trips and anti-air attacks to maintain enemies with bay.


Master associated with Souls - Ermac is actually accompanied to battle by simply three souls circling him that act as projectiles with regard to him. The extremely first projectile stuns although others do damage.


Assassin - Kitana is actually imbued using increased agility permitting the woman's in order to parry and also do elevated fan damage with almost all the Sharpen skill.



Blood God - This variation turns Kotal Kahn in to a bit of the shaman, granting him the chance to gain various buffs simply by setting down distinct totems.

Deceptive - This type sees Reptile help to make far better plus more frequent use involving his invisibility impact to befuddle enemies along with far better journey the particular battlefield.

Dragon's Fire - This particular spec is significantly similar to Liu Kang's usual style. He gets the capability for expanded flying kicks along with bicycle kick combos too as getting in any situation to shoot the fireball projectile.

Rumored Characters

These characters happen in order to be hinted at by means of cutscenes along along with other vague images in the developer. they might or might not be a part of their e-mail list over (or the particular DLC character list below) from several point.

Summoner - Along With red eyes and also armor, within this spec Quan Chi could summon demonic bats to utilize as projectiles. These bats knock your enemy back which usually could open players up for juggling chains.

Currently, Cassie's just identified fatality involves her pulling out your ex a pair of handguns, firing any bullet straight into every knee regarding your ex opponent then putting one bullet proper between your eyes. Your Woman continues through blowing a new bubble together with your ex chewing gum as well as following the bubble pops, your woman locations the actual gum in their opponents head wound, causing the blood to blow an additional bubble together with it. Whenever which bubble pops, the particular opponent falls dead.

Fatalities pertaining to Jacqueline Briggs tend to be unknown.

Raiden's fatalities are still unknown.


Quan Chi summons any floating dagger along with leads to his opponent to walk towards it using their mouth open. When it actually is inside their own mouth, he raises them up and also slams them back down, splitting all of them within half.


Ravenous - This kind of spec focuses read more about biting with that ferocious mouth concealed away below the actual mask. Mileena gain both high along with lower pounce moves along with Mileena essentially grow in order to be a really "in your face" fighter through attempting to biting it proper off.

Outlaw - Erron Black gains use of a new sword for melee combat furthermore to the use of his dual pistols. one with the signature moves involving his Outlaw design will always be the ability to break his sword off inside an opponent in order to deal bleed damage.

Hellfire - taking on an even more demonic appearance, Scorpion now has all the powers associated with Hell with his disposal which includes the Hell Ball projectile, Demon Fire along using a Flame Aura which damages opponents while they hit him.


It will be unclear which usually Sub-Zero is going to be featured as both Bi-Han and his brother Kaui Liang possess worn the actual guise, regardless, this series classic is going to be again to always be able to freeze hearts along with consider names.

On April 14th, 2015, kombatants each new and outdated with the series will go into the ring once again for you to battle inside Mortal Kombat X. This kind of tenth installment will pick up where 2011's Mortal Kombat left off prior to skipping 25 years in for you to the future throughout its storyline. Outdated veterans in the series, their offspring and many kinds of new characters will be taking takes place in order to creatively defeat their particular enemies together with deadly weapons, powers and fighting techniques. New to always be able to this series will end up being the introduction of 'Variations', each along with every character receives 3 distinct styles in which not merely adjust their particular look, however their own fighting style as well. Thus that is arriving back for you to test their own might?

Mystic - Ermac's telekinesis will be enhanced, permitting him to do potent telekinetic lifts and pushes. This particular raises maintain some occasion and enables him to execute the actual attacks from the lengthier distance.


One fatality depicts Kitana pinning an enemy and splitting their own skull together with two fan-blade strikes.

There are still zero recognized fatalities for D'Vorah.


Making the woman's 1st appearance inside Mortal Kombat II, Mileena is the evil clone involving Kitana developed by Shang Tsung's sorcery by incorporating Tarkatan adjustments towards the face area. Despising your ex "sister", Mileena sees herself as the correct ruler regarding Edenia, yet settles regarding Shao Kahn's throne within Outworld right after his death. Your Woman was later on deposed along with now battles Kotal Kahn for her Outworld throne.


Kung Jin can any back again flip, kicking his opponents now severed head in to the air along with fires 3 arrows within their skull.

Jacqueline Briggs

Very small is well known concerning Jacqueline Briggs other than the lady serves about Cassie Cage's Outworld team and he or even she may become the daughter associated with Mortal Kombat veteran Jax.

Tempest - The Particular brim of Kung Lao's hat glows bright blue and in addition the Tempest spec allows him to spin his bladed hat around his body. This transfer could serve as a counter pertaining to those who attack it while it could also defensively reflect projectiles.






Takashi Takeda

Takashi Takeda helps make his very first appearance in the series in Mortal Kombat X. He will be the son regarding series normal Kenshi and is trained inside the ways involving Shirai Ryu by simply Hanzo Hasashi, in just about any other case called Scorpion. Getting estranged via his father pertaining to nearly all of his life, Takashi sees Scorpion as growing quantities of of a father-figure and it is specifically loyal to him along with those of the Shirai Ryu.

Sun God - Using on the golden glow, the particular Sun God variation enables Kotal Kahn to obtain into unique moves such as the Sun God Choke as well as Soul Scorch.


Piercing - The Particular Piercing spec permits Mileena in order to gain in moves to raised utilize the woman's Sai weapons. The Lady could rely in them as split projectiles which makes them hard to dodge too as extends Sai combos several times.